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A leadership experience like no other

Bigfish creates opportunities that have a monumental impact on your life and your business.

We represent a global community of extraordinary executives who want to improve their lives, their businesses, and the world.

At Bigfish, we believe that finding your purpose is essential to achieving your full potential. Our agents are here to help you do both.

We thrive on unique profiles and ambitions. We’re here to help shape your career and your business into what it’s meant to be.

Both need experienced professionals to guide them in their professional journey.

We offer reliable guidance in a volatile world

Strategic advisory, individual and career coaching​​

  • Coaching/Mentoring to co-create long-term career/business strategies
  • Target networking across various industries
Personal growth and connection with peers
  • Co-development chapters
  • Masterclasses and learning expeditions
  • Exclusive events

HR experts available 24/7 to answer specific questions

  • Executive online reputation growth and management
  • Crisis management
  • Tax advisory
Grow as a person and as a professional

Who you are and what you do are equally as important to us. We’re here to broaden your perspectives, enrich your life, improve your leadership skills, and accelerate your business.

Grow personally

Your Bigfish agent will guide you, build you a relevant network, and share rich content and career advice.

You’ll also have access to a Bigfish chapter — a tight-knit co-development group you can rely on for honest insight and perspective.

Grow your business

Your Bigfish agent will connect you to experts around the world. These relationships will bring you unique learning experiences, exclusive content, and proprietary insights.


Grow with the best

Our agents come from different cultural backgrounds and bring a wealth of perspectives, ideas, and expertise that is just as varied as that of the talents they represent.

All of our

  • Proven track record in talent management
  • Guided demanding profiles in complex environments
  • 15+ years of experience in top management and executive coaching
  • Strong and ethical backbone

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