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Find and retain exceptional executives the new way.

Goodbye, headhunting.
Hello, steady
talent stream.

Growing and cultivating talent pipelines. Reaching out proactively before opportunities arise. Keeping an eye out for future re-engagement. It’s how open employers will win the battle for talent.

Big Fish

We offer reliable guidance in a volatile world

Our decades of C-level headhunting experience and a pool of exceptional executives will help you build a steady pipeline, increase the quality of your succession plan, speed up processes, and reduce overall recruitment costs.

Big Fish’s talent management program helps executives in 3 support areas:

Strategic advisory, individual and career coaching​​

Personal growth and connection with peers

HR Concierge
HR experts available 24/7  to answer specific questions

Our customized retention programs consider your executives’ life stage and aspirations. From extended company programs in start-ups or NGOs to expatriate management, we give executives the opportunity to cultivate new skills, expand their network, and gain a broader perspective on social and business challenges.

Some of our agents
Our agents come from different cultural backgrounds and bring a wealth of perspectives, ideas, and expertise that is just as varied as that of the talents they represent.
All of them have
  • Proven track record in talent management
  • Guided demanding profiles in complex environments
  • 15+ years of experience in top management and executive coaching
  • Strong and ethical backbone
Big Fish

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