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Bigfish is the first talent agency for corporate and startup executives.
We represent outstanding people and guide them in a world of limitless opportunities.

Artists and athletes lean on highly experienced and well-connected agents.

Corporate and startup executives need the same level of support.

Bigfish is a collective of agents, each an expert in their field, dedicated to accelerating the potential of the executives they represent — and, by extension, that of their company.


Some of our Bigfish

The talents we represent are extraordinary executives from very different professional backgrounds. They are changing the world as we speak, looking for new experiences, and striving to grow in every aspect of their lives.


We offer reliable guidance in a volatile world

In our growingly complex world, talents constantly question their ambitions and entrepreneurs no longer have time to learn while doing.

Both need experienced professionals to guide them in their professional journey.

Strategic advisory, individual and career coaching​​
  • Coaching/Mentoring to co-create long-term career/business strategies
  • Target networking across various industries
Personal growth and connection with peers
  • Co-development chapters
  • Masterclasses and learning expeditions
  • Exclusive events

HR experts available 24/7 to answer specific questions

  • Executive online reputation growth and management
  • Crisis management
  • Tax advisory

How it works

At Bigfish, we evaluate prospective members based on the impact of their achievements and potential. We are looking for individuals who hold senior leadership positions and, of course, rising executives with the ambition of becoming the leaders of tomorrow.


as a talent

Tell us all about you, your most significant achievements, and your deepest aspirations. We’ll review your profile and get in touch if we’re interested in representing you.


a call

By the end of our chat, we’ll know if we want to represent you and which Bigfish agent we should match you with.


Grow with
your agent

Your agent will build you a relevant network and share rich career advice tailored to your needs and goals — all for a fixed annual fee. You’ll grow alongside an inclusive and thigh-knit community of trusted peers.


Grow with the best

Big Fish
Our agents come from different cultural backgrounds and bring a wealth of perspectives, ideas, and expertise that is just as varied as that of the talents they represent.

All of our

  • Proven track record in talent management
  • Guided demanding profiles in complex environments
  • 15+ years of experience in top management and executive coaching
  • Strong and ethical background

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